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Empowering research. Enabling innovation.
A network of research for a sustainable future
We help researchers turn ideas into products. We accelerate the journey from lab to market. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking among students, graduates and post-graduates. And we do all this to create a safe, secure and sustainable energy industry for Europe.
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Transformation, innovation and collaboration
The InnoEnergy PhD School is a central pillar in our education service. Our focus is to help develop the solutions that will convert current energy systems into sustainable alternatives, and so the goal of the InnoEnergy PhD School is to transform cutting-edge research into truly innovative solutions that will have an impact outside the lab. The InnoEnergy PhD School plays a vital role in extending the influence of individual researchers and the institutions they work for. It has already helped increase funding potential, contributed to wider research activities, enhanced reputations for innovation, and accelerated the development of revenue-generating technologies – while giving businesses access to the brightest entrepreneurial minds and the most exciting research in their field.
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The PhD School is built on four core elements
Entrepreneurial, innovation and business training
We give candidates unmatched access to complementary training from some of Europe’s leading practitioners and providers, complementing their research, adding depth and context to their work, enabling them to maintain the highest standards of research, while boosting their innovation capacity – and the reputation of their lab.
A thriving network
Through our conferences and by encouraging candidates to explore individual activities, we provide unrivalled opportunities to pool knowledge, share experiences and spark new ideas among a growing network of active, engaged and committed business and research partners.
International connections
We fund candidates through their universities to undertake work in different locations and different countries in Europe, building and strengthening international ties between institutions and individuals, and adding cross-cultural perspectives, teamwork and collaboration to their work.
Unique access to visionary thinking
Participants in the PhD School are able to work closely with InnoEnergy’s network of start-ups and innovation (R&D) projects, who are already putting new ideas into practice to transform Europe’s energy sector – increasing the impact of everyone’s work.
Complementary training to enhance your research
To have an impact you need more than a good idea. The InnoEnergy PhD School offers doctoral candidates a range of training courses that complement their own research. The courses add context to the innovation process, increase the potential of new ideas, and help candidates create impact in and outside the lab.

Each course offers a combination of technical and business content, plus the in-demand personal skills that will enhance candidates career prospects as well as the reputation and capabilities of their lab.
Courses are taken in addition to the candidate’s research work. Candidates can choose which courses to take and when to take them to match their own needs and interests, and to fit in with their own lab, university or research schedule.
Courses are free to InnoEnergy PhD School participants. InnoEnergy also offers funding to cover travel, accommodation and food while attending the course.
Europe’s leading sustainable energy community
InnoEnergy’s strength comes from our Europe-wide network. From Sweden to Spain and France to Poland, the InnoEnergy network crosses borders, transcends barriers and opens up the continent of Europe to all participants. Together our partners represent the best of Europe’s industry, research, and higher education – and all are key players within the energy sector.
In addition to our formal international partners and shareholders, who represent some of Europe’s leading universities and specialist research centres, InnoEnergy has developed a series of more fluid relationships with universities, technical institutes and business schools across Europe. Our network also includes more than 250 associate and project partners, from start-ups and niche businesses to household names in the business sector – in addition to the hundreds of innovation projects we support every year. Our network means that graduates and post-graduates have the opportunity to test their ideas and learn from specialist industry players, while those business partners gain access to some of the brightest minds in academia.
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”The PhD School has opened a whole world of opportunities and has given me the chance to meet people from many different backgrounds”
Khadija Benis, PhD candidate

Hussain Kazmi, PhD candidate
”You gain knowledge of what’s happening in the real world, and a different perspective on engineering.”
Mauricio Gutierrez Salas, PhD candidate

Sandro Iacovella, PhD candidate


Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
InnoEnergy PhD School
Empowering research. Enabling innovation. Combine your PhD studies with entrepreneurship, innovation and business training. International placement and individual exploration included. The InnoEnergy PhD School supports research with impact. We enable doctoral candidates...