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Linnaeus University
Associate senior lecturer in Mathematical Statistics
Linnaeus University
Linnaeus University is one of Sweden's newest higher education institutions. The university was formed when the University of Kalmar and Växjö University merged in 2010.
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Published: 14 days ago
Application deadline: Aug 17
Location: Växjö, Sweden
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Associate senior lecturer in Mathematical Statistics

Diarienummer: 2018/402-2.2.1

Welcome to Linnaeus University! A place for knowledge, ideas and development. For growth potential and a belief in the future. In Småland and in the world.

We strive to strengthen the Technical Faculty at Linnaeus University by an Associate senior lecturer in Mathematical Statistics* placed at the Department of Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics consists of the administrative units Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Research in mathematics highlights mathematical modelling with applications in natural sciences, economy, technology, and computer science. Fields of activities include, amongst others, theory and method development in mathematical analysis, mathematical statistics, dynamical systems and computational mathematics. The research environment requires recruitment in Mathematical Statistics.

The Faculty of Technology wishes to extend the education at advanced level due to up, coming master of engineering programmes and an intensified collaboration with the School of Business and Economics within financial modelling and insurance mathematics.

Therefore there is a large potential for increased collaboration issues framed in mathematical statistics and optimization and their implementation in research as well as education and societal driving force. Moreover, the syllabus for the Bachelor programme in mathematics is under revision and will focus more on methods in mathematical statistics, optimization and their applications.


The duties mainly consist of research and teaching in mathematical statistics at first and second cycle level. The share of research is 50%. The holder of the position is expected to apply for and be granted external funding, moreover to collaborate with researchers within both engineering and computer sciences, mathematics, economy and industry and other partners.

For scientific staff at Linnaeus University it is also important to follow developments in their own academic field and the development of society in general that are important for their the work at the university.

Qualification requirements 
To be qualified for the position, the applicant must have obtained a doctorate in mathematical statistics, or have achieved equivalent scientific competence. The preferred candidate will have been awarded a doctorate degree or have reached an equivalent competence no more than five years before the deadline for application (HF 4 chapter 12 a§).

Also applicants who hold a PhD or have achieved an equivalent competence earlier can be eligible under special circumstances. Special circumstances refer to illness, parental leave or related cases, regulation (2017:844). Applicants with a PhD degree older than 5 years shall state in the application why special reasons for employment should be taken into account.

Eligibility for this position demands moreover research publications within the field.

Mathematical statistics as well as documented experience in teaching Mathematical statistics. A further requirement is that the successful applicant is able to conduct research and teaching in English.

A potential holder of the position is required to be a flexible personality with the ability to cooperate and build relationships.

Assessment criteria:

Experience in collaborating with research groups within technical sciences and economy is meritorious. Collaboration with industry and comparable activities, as well as the ability to get external funding is also meritorious.

Teaching experience from engineering programmes are meritorious as well as the ability to teach in Swedish. Applicant is expected to conduct courses in Swedish within a two years.

In the overall assessment of competences the applicant's potential to establish a successful career as teacher and researcher is assigned particular importance.

Scope of the position:

The employment is 100% in 4 years (HF 4 chapter 12 a§), . The associate senior lecturer shall, after an application for promotion, be tested for promotion to a permanent position as senior lecturer. According to the Higher Education Ordinance (HF 4 chapter 12 c§), Regulation (SFS 2017:844). Placement city is Växjö.

In case of a possible application for promotion, the following will be assessed in particular:

  • Ability to independently initiate and conduct research of high quality
  • Ability to publish in international scientific journals
  • Ability to independently establish scientific collaborations
  • Demonstrated capability to collaborate and participate in collective departmental activities
  • Ability to teach and supervise
  • Ability to teach in Swedish
  • Acquisition of external grants

Contact persons:

Marcus Nilsson, Head of department,, 0470-70 81 15
Astrid Hilbert, Professor,, 0470-70 81 12

Åse Holmgren, Human resources consultant,, 0470-70 82 12

 * The position is in the field Stochastics. According to the Swedish tradition the Swedish term  Matematisk statistik is  translated by Mathematical Statistics.

Linnaeus University has the ambition to utilize the qualities that an even gender distribution and diversity brings to the organization.

Please apply by clicking on the Apply button at the bottom of the ad. Your application should be designed according to the Template for application which can be found in the Guide to Appointment procedures under important documents below the ad. The credentials you invoke must be verified with certification and they must be attached digitally in your application. Other documents, including various types of scientific works, must be submitted digitally along with the application. The application and other documents to be marked with the reference number. All documents cited must be received by the University no later than 24.00 (Local time in Sweden) on the closing day.

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Linnaeus University
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