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Academic Positions is the leading career network for academic and research jobs in Northern and Central Europe. The network offers researchers and academics a wide range of job opportunities from Europe and worldwide.

Regional portals for specific European exposure:

AT_50x50Academic Positions Austria

Visit Academic Positions Austria here.

BE_50x50Academic Positions Belgium

Visit Academic Positions Belgium here.

DK_50x50Academic Positions Denmark

Visit Academic Positions Denmark here.

FI_50x50Academic Positions Finland

Visit Academic Positions Finland here.

FR_50x50Academic Positions France

Visit Academic Positions France here.

DE_50x50Academic Positions Germany

Visit Academic Positions Germany here.

NO_50x50Academic Positions Norway

Visit Academic Positions Norway here.

SE_50x50Academic Positions Sweden

Visit Academic Positions Sweden here.

CH_50x50Academic Positions Switzerland

Visit Academic Positions Switzerland here.

UK_50x50Academic Positions UK

Visit Academic Positions UK here.


EU portal for the widest European exposure:

Academic Positions Europe

Visit Academic Positions Europe here.


In the near future we will add more regional portals to our network in order to accomplish our goal of becoming the leading academic career network in Europe for academic and research jobs.

External networks

In order to increase the exposure for our customers adverts, Academic Positions offers the service of publishing jobs for free on the following portals: joint initiative of the European Commission and the countries participating in the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research. Visit Euraxess.



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